Biennial Symposium Surgical Orthodontics


28-11-2019 tot 29-11-2019 Haarlem,

Dento-alveolair, Implantologie, Internationaal, Orthognatische chirurgie

Link naar programma: SYMPOSIUM 28 & 29 NOVEMBER 2019 The program of the BSSO2019 symposium will be focussed on hot topics within surgical orthodontics and orthognathic surgery. The faculty is a mix of eminent speakers in the field who already have successful experiences in lecturing at BSSO and colleagues from different continents who are less renowned in Europe (yet) but may come up with surprising and very interesting information on the cutting edge of orthodontics and surgery. Treatment with Temporary Anchorage Devices will be extensively highlighted by two of Europe’s best lecturers on this subject. Orthognathic surgery will be subject of many talks from different continents with emphasis on the pluriformity of faces and there will be an emphasis on facial harmony from different points of view. Colleagues from Italy will present their comprehensive ways of planning and execution in strive (and succeed) towards clinical excellence in an interactive dual presentation. A variety of the world’s best speakers will give their best to inform, share knowledge and certainly entertain you. BSSO2019 is absolutely great fun to attend, but also to organise. We are very proud to present this year’s program to you and hope to host you in Haarlem!
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