IAOO-webimar 'Word of Mouth': Evolving methods for pre-planning 3-D facial reconstruction: 18.45 GMT, 1345 EST;


2018-11-19 n.v.t.,

A series of interactive webinar lectures hosted by the International Academy of Oral Oncology. These are free of charge but online attendance is restricted in number.

Please use the link: iaao.webex.com

All you need is broadband internet and speakers. Webcam and microphone are optional as you can ask questions by typing it in the interactive window. Setup of software takes about 10mins and involves downloading JAVA software from WebEx. Link to join the live meeting will download the software automatically. 

19/11/2018: Rutger Schepers: "Evolving methods for pre-planning 3-D facial reconstruction.

26/11/2018: Christopher Butterworth, UK: "The role of Zygomatic Implants in Maxillary & Midfacial Rehabilitation"

07/01/2019: Ralph Gilbert, Canada: "Scapula Flap in Head and Neck Reconstruction - How I do it? & Why I do it?"

04/02/2019: Ruiz Fernandez, Florida: "The fibula in maxillofacial reconstruction - pearls and pitfalls"

TBC 2019: Anil Chaturvedi, NIH USA: "The role of HPV in oral cavity malignancy"


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