International Cleft Palate Dissection Course


13-12-2018 tot 14-12-2018 Utrecht,

Anatomie, Craniofaciale afwijkingen

Introduction: As cleft surgeons our aim is to repair the cleft lip/palate to be comparable to the normal anatomy. But, have you ever done a dissection course on a cadaver to see the normal anatomy of the relationship the lower lateral cartilage has with the upper lateral cartilage of the nose? Have you ever seen the normal intricate relationship between the orbicularis oris muscle and the different surrounding oral muscles, or the relationship that the levator veli palatini muscle has with the palatopharyngeus muscle? In the theoretical part of this course some experts will give us information about the normal anatomy and also the pathology involved in the cleft lip/palate. Tips and trics about primary cleft lip and palate surgery will be discussed by international experts. In the practical part the normal anatomy of the lip/nose and the palate will be dissected on fresh cadavers. We believe this course will be as successful as the previous course and we hope to welcome you to Utrecht in December 2018. Date 13/14 December 2018 Location Anatomy department, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands Target group Cleft surgeons doing the primary cleft lip/palate surgery in a cleft palate team Number of participants 30 Cost Surgeons: € 675 Accreditation Continuing Medical Education (CME) Accreditation 10 points (Dutch Association of Plastic Surgeons) Registration Course Director Corstiaan Breugem Information

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