3rd Annual 3D Printing & Bio-printing in Healthcare


11-10-2018 tot 12-10-2018 Brussel, Belgium

Algemeen, Beeldvormende techniek, Craniofaciale afwijkingen, Internationaal, Reconstructieve / microchirurgie, Traumatologie

The major challenges of healthcare additive manufacturing industry lie in understanding the bio-functional nature of printed material, biomaterial applications, tissue/organ printing and insertion of the developed implants. Over the years 3D Printing has proved its potential in the areas of tissue engineering by development of organoids, surgeries via bioprinters and pharmaceutical industry through introduction of multiple ailments. Having completed two extremely successful editions, 3rd Annual 3D Printing & Bio-printing in Healthcare once again aims at bringing together the key industry leaders, business heads, medical consultants, researchers and engineers from the Hospitals, Universities and Research Institutes across the globe at a singular platform. Mark your presence on 11th & 12th October 2018 at Brussels, Belgium to endorse the innovative case studies and advancements in recent areas like organ fabrication, bio-materials, skin printing to reveal the potential applications of 3D Printing and Bio-printing.


bijlage: 3dprinting31
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